Let the sun shine in..

Today is a great day no matter if its rainy, foggy in the morning, etc this is your day to be your best. Change your routine, match your outfits, and, accessories,. eat a really healthy breakfast cottage cheese toast, glass of fat free milk, banana, berries. Get all the junk out of your mental trunk. Cganfe the way you go to work or if you can?
Breathe in and out and say to yourself.. “today is your day to be the best you
can be”. Grab that dream/goal list and your friends/family and ask them for
help? And, you to do list as well. And, get your lists down slowly but surely.
Believing that you will get it done, one task at a time. Always think positive listen to positive music, read positive books, magazines, watch positive shows,.  Only be around caring people, bond, hug, with your family friends who gives you support love and accepts you for you.

Joy is when you look at yourself at the mirror and say.. wow! you are cool
and gorgeous,.. and wink at yourself..

If you believe in God, thank him, and know he loves you and is very proud of you too.. remember God and Jesus took your sins away when on the cross and so you are pure (fresh start).
If you are going to a unhappy relationship get away from the toxic relationship/person you are with and seek out natures cure. Your Workd needs you more. Smile more find life’s squad (your family friebds) You caring neighbor,.*

When You Feel Ignored

When You Feel Ignored.


Hi friends..

Pleased to meet you all.  Welcome to my article on color.  I hope you like my opinion. Color is everywhere we look.                                            The sky, clouds,  what we wear, what we eat, nature, lifestyle, home decorations, car, transportation, work, restaurants,                                   art galleries, department stores, etc.  And, so forth.  Its when we get creative with colors and even discover more and                                   blend them together.  In a nice outfit, thats when the magic comes together. I think.  Or create that ultimate lifestyle.                                   Never stop creating, that indeed is our mojo coming out. Knowing how to use our favorite colors and splash a few little                               colors as details. Just try not to add too many detailed colors. And, be sure your base color matches.

Also, during the summer consider bolder brighter colors in the pastel scheme.  Such as peace, pink, blues,.   By picking a                                base favorite color then adding a few detail colors that goes with it.  Again, you don’t want to over do the detailing.                                  Depending on what your project is or etc.   Coloring cordinating, knowing what matches such as blacks, navy blues,                                     grays, blue, white are your primary colors…  a blouse with mixed colors in it.. just picking a color from it such as black or                                 blue,.. can change the style of your outfit and boost your over all look, and adding a belt if the blouse is long enough for                                     it,  if your slacks are knee high then again go about to your blouse color and stick with one color element.. for your                                        possible nylons possibly sticking with navy blue or black depending on your skin color and your pref. ‘s.   If you are pale                                  colored you may want to consider adjusting from a dark shade to a paste style to looking skin color sunk in?    Your                                           fashion goal is for your outfit to rep. you.. possibly?  Possibly consider..  a gray blouse and gray slacks with a black or                                      navy blue droop belt if you can make it your own style?  And,  stick with the navy blue color or black color for your theme                              “awesome” in my opinion..  knowing what all looks great on you depends on how you carefully experiment on your                                   wardrobe, your goal isn’t how buying more fashions to upgrade.. its making what you have and customizing that?                                               If your wardrobe is possibly outdated.. then add a few pieces here and there.. possibly considering consignment shops                                         in your area?  Again, consider your skin tone, what fashion set are you wanting to achieve? What do you want to be                                     seen as?  If you are really “healthy”  so to speak.. reach out for help from your family, friends,.  ?  If you  have been fashion                          trash by cruel people around you, and you find yourself confused or worse?  Consider talking  to someone you love                                   about your issues “now” please           

Thank you for reading my my blog.  I hope you enjoyed it,…  comments please :D???

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